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Klemic Performance Method

A full panel gait analysis is a comprehensive assessment of an athlete's bio mechanics through a series of effective range measurements. The purpose of the gait analysis is to identify an athlete's strengths, weaknesses, and asymmetry in locomotion. Although the tests are fundamental and standard to most athletes, they will give us, as coaches, the information we need to create a specific performance plan and the measurements will give us the quantifiable athleticism of the athlete.  From the quantifiable athletic metrics we can create projections of the athletes performance over the performance plan mesocycle (12) weeks.  

    The Effective Range Measurements will include the measurement in Vertical Leap, Broad Jump, Lateral Bound, Acceleration tests of Miles Per Hour at 10, 20 dash tests.

Gait Correction and Performance Plan

Once an athlete's gait analysis is assessed we will provide a performance plan to correct specific issues that were identified in the report. The performance plan is essentially a treatment for an athlete. Like a doctor prescribes medicine, we prescribe a performance plan to create a more efficient and explosive athlete. In most cases an athlete's performance plan will be broken up into 3 days.


The first day in the weekly cycle of workouts is Acceleration focused. The purpose of this day is to decrease the amount of time it takes for an athlete to reach max velocity. In other words our acceleration day is designed to increase an athlete's ability to change their rate of velocity. We do this through specific muscle isolation and resistance to run under calibrated tension.

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